Awesome Rides

The little things that get all men excited is their ride. Beware of hot cars coming by. Even if there was a really hot girl around dudes will ignore and just continue gazing at the hot rides.

Our Story

Our little idea actually started out in a small house's basement of Alabama. We wanted to pioneer the next big Men's Magazine at the time when a couple of friend got together. We said it out loud "How nice would it be if the few of us were the experts and leaders in the Men's Style and Gadget Industry?" We were mostly interested in anything to do with Men.

We had a very good mix of people in different fields but we all share a common interest and that is to become the best in our fields and also to lead The Everyday Men into getting better at life and as a whole being a better men. 

We hope that our products, ideas are able to benefit each and every men that has come into contact with us.